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Licensed Outfitter and Guide BG License Number 153


Our Spring Bear hunts begin the first of May. We bait this time of the year. It is easiest for all concerned if the hunter is flexible and could come out on a few days notice. The reason we do it this way is that the chances of success is greater in a limited time if the Bear is already working the bait. This may be harder for the working man who need to schedule his time off, so we can set up a date that is convenient for the hunter and hope we have a working bait when his hunt is scheduled.
Or hunters stay in a Motel at their own expense and we furnish transportation to and from the bait site. We offer four day Spring Bear hunts and you can buy the license over the counter once you arrive. The cost of this license is $300.00 If you fly in we will furnish your transportation from the nearest Airport, Jackson Wyoming, and back once you have completed the hunt. Fall Bear season coincides with the regular big game hunting season's. We offer a four day Spring Bear hunt for the fee of $2,200.00. We also offer a 5 day Mountain Lion (hound hunt) for the fee of $3,700. 

Hunt Dates
Rifle May 1 - June 15

Contact Info

Tedd Jenkins

Jenkins Hunting  Camp, LLC
PO Box 37
Auburn, Wyoming 83111
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Licensing Options

Non-Resident Elk
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Non-Resident Deer
Antelope and Moose
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For More Information & Application Forms
go directly to:

Wyoming Game & Fish Department

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